Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Novelist

I often met great Ordinary People at my work.
one of them is my Boss.
He, infact is the one who promoted the term of Ordinary People/Orang Biasa as an iconic term of empowered indonesan civil society.

Another great ordinary people I recently met (virtually) is Mbak Marga T.

Had an interesting and fruitful conversation with her this past few days.
Started from her blog browsing, to finally visit my bengong spot at blogspot
Never ever think that someone would so patiently read my chaotic posts and provide me with an inspiring review.

once a writer, always is, i guess.

on one fine day,a humble and touching email visit my mailbox several days after my post on her book
Wow.. I got Sekuntum Nozomi 3 as a gift !

another excellent gift is her comments on my lovely daughter, Laras Spongegirl.

Then I tell my 3.5 years old daughter that she received a warm hello from a great novelist

Gee, how i am blessed with lots of great ordinary people in my circle of life :)

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