Thursday, October 12, 2006

Testing Google Docs and Spreadsheet

Testing google Docs and Spreadsheets to upload the thoughts in my blog
Is it working?
We shall see in a minute

It's another free software from Google

It actually does not attract me that much since all the doc and spreadsheet softwares are already bundled in every PC

Well, it can probably eliminate the piracy problem
in Indonesia since,
you don't have to buy microsoft applications office again to create ur documents and spreadsheets
in your dream

no way..

it still requires internet connections
and pirated applications are e
asier to get than having ourself a steady internet connection in Indonesia :)

Then why do I even bother to test it?
Because the this feature adv appears on my dashboard blog after I published my piece.
It says that we can publish our piece through it.

Then what's the difference with publishing dire
ctly on the blog provider?
I still think it's much easier posting directly from blog dashboard

News on Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Update (after 45 minutes waiting)

(since the picture is not clear, here is the exact words)

There was a problem ( the given blogger account has been migrated to a Goggle account on the Blogger Beta)

Probably that's the same reason why I could not upload from performancing anymore

IT's not Working to upload your piece from Google Docs to BLogspot with Blogger Beta account

The transition to Blogger Beta really destroy all the short cuts in uploading!


Peter said...

I hate the changes Google's trying to make with its BETA edition!

CL said...

Thanks for visit Peter

yes True Peter, sometimes the beta version is not quite accomodative.

hopefully they will improve it soon