Tuesday, September 26, 2006

wanna live in a pluralistic democratic world?

wanna live in a pluralistic democratic world?

Book yourself space at a blogworld !!

we had an interesting discussion with mr. Budi Putra at the office today
it's about the blogworld

how it opens new horizon to the humankind
how it finds hidden talents of many in this huge universe

unlike the mainstream media we commonly face now (e.g. the tv/radio/newspaper/magazine)
the blog has many flexibility to carry independency, honesty and indepth thought of the writer.
all the limitations which occationally forbid a piece of writing from being published in a mainstream media, like the space restriction, editorial policy, commercial consideration, are never to be found in the blogworld.

while mr. budi putra, who is also the regular contributor for CNET Asia, eagerly spreading the blogging voice of love, I keep on looking and trying to convince my doubtful friend on how this blog phenomenon could be the only tool which can bare his narcism behaviour :)

And why do I refer the blogworld as probably the most or only pluralistic and democratic world we have? Although I once wrote blogpaganda, based of my suspicion that there are some blogs which are specially designed for the sake of propaganda :). However, some remarks delivered in the discussion provide justification of how pluralist and democratic a blog is:
  • It treats people equally, you will not be seen based on your wealth, gender, age and seniority. 
  • Your thoughts are matters !
  • Web authority/dominance is useless in this "searchable world", it's the freshness that matters :) ( gee, probably that's why now I oftenly open yosef ardi than bisnis Indonesia)
  • You could easily interact with others, no boundaries-no worries.
  • seems that all base on sharing. The thoughts, the knowledge, the feelings are shared. there's less greed and few hypocrisy (see my previous note on blogpaganda hehehe) appears when we browse around blog.
so, if we already succesful of being a pluralist and democratic citizen in a blogworld, then how come we are so damn fucked in the real world :)

don't mind the above statement hehehehe, just move on to the next useful things could be use in blogging.

several tips of blogging I have from budi putra are:
  • use english (I'm trying sir). It will globalize your blogworld
  • Just write anything, with your own word and style. at first, don't burden yourself with topics to be delivered in your blog. it will develop eventually.
  • use tags (in english) on your posting and create general tags on your posts. Several recommended tags provider are del.icio.us , digg and technorati.
More notes on discussion with Budi Putra is published on this site.

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SW said...

here here! it's a free for all world.

and good luck convincing your doubtful friend. i would've guessed of all people he would already have his own blog for personal showcase. i guess there's that difference of online on the web and online on the phone.

AL said...

CL..let's rock the blogworld! :)

Don't let our laziness keep us away from posting...hehehe...

I agree with SW, your doubtful friend should build his own blog to broad his narcism by putting as many pictures and videos as he likes. ;p

Anyway CL, why don't you write or build a 2nd blog about your 2nd pregnancy?

cl said...

@ SW
you got that rigt. He's stuck at friendster :)

@ AL
I guess I'm not that diligent hehhehe
it's beyond words :) (alasan aje neh)