Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blogpaganda: when honesty is not the best policy

The term just coincidentally occurred in my head recently. On this posting, I am referring the term to a personal/journal blog.

According to wikipedia, Propaganda is a specific type of message presentation aimed at serving an agenda. And the aim of propaganda is to influence people's opinions actively, rather than to merely communicate the facts about something.

Yup, similar to above definition, my own definition of blogpaganda also kind of choosy action in communicating (posting) the facts and actively try influence the reader.

The blog owner, apparently aware of the blog power and have quite knowledge on the viewer personality. By having and managing the content, the owner believe that the blog have become an effective tool to influence blog readers.

I used to believe that blog is the most human and sincere virtual space exists in the world wide world. Yup, you may call me naïve

I know my friend comprehensively by reading her blog while she was away in UK, rather than from times we spent together.

Sincere, honest and personal, are my first perception of a blog.

And I am seeing it differently now…………….

Now I notice that not all people have the courage to wholeheartedly express the thoughts and publish it on their blog, I am among those kind of bloggers. Some bloggers are going beyond that, their manipulating the readers by providing manipulative posting to the readers.

A controlled, good, sympathetic and nice posting will usually convey positive message to the reader. The writer will be seen as a good, positive individual and human being as it is expressed from the postings.

You have to be very careful, should an expressive, erupting emotions and honest thoughts playing inside your head about to be published in your blog. It might lead your readers seeing you differently. It might lead you to being judged to a person you are not. Yes, you can do that with a posting or two.

This world wide web apparently is not wide enough. Some strangers might continuously watch over you (your blog).

So, let’s do a blogpaganda, it is much safer. Little hypocrisy could be a best policy in this blog world.

Gee…… sucks !

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chuckieeverdapper said...

Nice observation on blogs. I've been bearing my heart and soul for a couple of months. Judge me if you like and bow down to my right wing ideals.