Thursday, March 02, 2006

Asia, hope for pluralism movement

Some years ago, American scholar Samuel Huntington predicted a clash of civilizations along religious lines. Even with the growth of religiosity, in Asia that clash is yet to come to pass. Anger over the publication ofcartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper has been deeply felt in Asia's Muslim communities - but the anger was directed atirreverent Europeans, not local Christians.

In much of Asia, strong traditions of pluralism and accommodation have allowed Islam and Christianity to blossom side by side. Governments in Malaysia and Indonesia are promoting inter-faith dialogue to help shore upthese traditions. Even nominally atheist China has recently loosened up onits hordes of Christian devotees. As Christianity takes deeper root in Asia,it is just as likely to spread without fear and resentment: a vibrant collage rather than clash of civilizations.

The title of the article is not the shown above title. my own title is merely my own perspective on the content of the article.

The article is showing a great hope for me personally as part of Asian society. Asia should be followed by the western, when it comes to pluralism movement. It is the center of the idea. Hei, we are the place of birth of all religions exist in the world. We, the Asian, are doing it by heart to live in a pluralistic pattern.

Dare not to claim that we are the superior of pluralism movement, dare not to launch a massive PR campaign that we are trying very hard to avoid Samuel Huntington theory from happening.

We simply doing it by heart, so help us God.

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