Friday, May 26, 2006

The World Cup Magic

It happened 4 years ago
and it happens again now :)

our first world cup magic is
Maria Larasati Widiarso

my most funniest, impatient and excited princess of Kelapa Dua

she is now the most excited hoping the next magic to come soon.

and now
the second magic is on its way :)
don’t' know, haven’t figure it out yet.

it's only a month old

just wish us luck okay.

Thank you God! :)


AL said...

congrats CL! semoga sehat selalu jd Laras punya teman main baru.. :)

cl said...

Thank you Astrid :)

dian said...

cl...selamattt selamatt
how's life? how's IMX? how's Jakarta?
pastinya...take good care of yourself.
didoain dari sini.

btw..moga2 ga lupa aku siapa.

cl said...

Diaan :P
apa kabar..
ga mungkin lupa ah
gue kan pengunjug setia blog ente hehehehhee

thanks ya
everything went well in Jakarta :)
cuma sedikit parno mikirin cuaca hahahaha