Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Diskusi BODOH ! Approving Polygamy is Stupidity and Hypocrisy !

Gila, mundur bener nih negara
kok bisa2nya ya ada sebuah diskusi yang meng'amini' poligami?
Menganggap hal tersebut wajar karena merupakan hukum ALLAH...??

Gue sebenernya males banget posting topik ini di blog gue
cuma pas baca berita di atas, sampe geleng2
kagak penting banget seeh, sampe perlu diadakan diskusi segala, buang2 duit bgt seh !
Mendingan juga tu duit dijadiin forum utk diskusi penggugatan kebenaran tragedi Mei, tragedi semanggi, kasus munir, dll

mau tanya aaah?

Mana ada Tuhan yang menginginkan ciptaanNya tersiksa
apalagi ciptaannya yang paling sempurna :)

Kan selalu tertulis, Suami diiijinkan jika Istri Mengijinkan
Kok ya perempuan2 di forum diskusi atas bodoh sekali dengan mengganggukkan kepala menyetujui kepentingan syahwat lelaki2 pilihannya ??

Yes, I said it again...
IT is only FOR the sake of Male Sexual Needs

Here's some statements that support my thoughts:

Hopefully those idiots and fools who supports, approves and practice polygamy have time to read it (naaaa, I don't think so)

The Koran severely restricted the open practice of polygamy. The statement in the Koran that deals with polygamy is just one yet it is misused and abused by both Muslims and
Non-Muslims. It states:

if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly with the oppressed
women [Yatama- literally, the Orphans among women-see the context],
then marry from among them two or three or four, but if you fear you
wont be just [even then], then marry only one (Koran 4:3)."

The Koran states explicitly above that polygyny is allowed only if the women you marry:

  1. belong among oppressed (orphan) women. Men cannot pick and choose from "any" women who they want as a second wife

  2. Polygamy is to be practiced only if marriage would bring social justice to such women, justice that they are otherwise denied.

  3. If marrying more than one cannot bring such
    justice then polygamy is not allowed. Thus the Koran severely restricts
    the open practice of polygamy in society.
So please women all over Indonesia !

Don't be such a hyprocrite (A person who professes beliefs and opinions that they do not hold), because such hypocrysy (Insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have / An expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction) could leads you to nowhere but your own misery.

It is US, The Women, Who could decide whether the polygamy could be practiced by the Man or not. It is not the other way around. So don't trap yourself into stupidity and hypocrisy. If you don't approve, SAY IT ! Say It Out Loud ! Put It in Your BLOG!

Many Indonesian failed to see the criteria of the second/third/fourth wife.
Do all the other wives of Rhoma Irama, Aa Gym, Hamzah Haz, Puspo Wardoyo, AM Fatwa are from the
oppressed women (not rich, beautiful, single, sexy women)?

Do all those above men manage to bring SOCIAL Justice (not just financially Just) to all their wives

Be smart, don't be naive (or stupid) !


SW said...

ngapaiiiiin juga.

whether you're a man or woman, approving polygamy is supporting selfish men and materialistic women

Anonymous said...

misinterpreted thought...


Jeno said...

Whatsoever the reason is polygami is cruel and shouldn't be discussed to public. I know it's allowed with some certain reasons as mentioned on Koran ,but please dehhh let them decided by themselves. No need to talk about polygami to public morever discussing about it in a forum is just so worthless. It was just because of AA gym did it then now we have to bring this topic up ? it's quite unreasonable....

JaF said...

We hehe.. nggak tahan juga buat komen ya, mbak..

Clara Lila said...

Dear Jeno,

it is because it's so damn cruel that we need to highlight it to public at large that it will bring unjustice to humankind, specially the women.

it is because AA gym did it, he as the public figur who have the power to influence so many and most of them are ignorant people (towards the cruelty of polygami), should have the responsibility to educate people not the other way around.

so the least we can do, is provide social sanction to the polygami believer, by putting negative stamp at the practice ! Say the objection through whattaver means we have.