Monday, November 27, 2006

Just A Thought VS Official Blog

one sample of my hobbies is to check out my blog extremetracking counter
just to know on what reason anyone by mistakes hehehehe, visit my blog

today my queries results are:
Last 20 Searchengine QueriesUnique Visitors
22 Nov, Wed, 17:22:45 Technorati: 3D
22 Nov, Wed, 18:27:42 Google: "indonesian survey institute"
22 Nov, Wed, 22:25:53 Google: kata mei
22 Nov, Wed, 22:47:13 Google: tragedi mei 1998
23 Nov, Thu, 14:00:08 Google: articles condeming muslim men
24 Nov, Fri, 03:57:40 Google: Google Docs and Spreadsheet
24 Nov, Fri, 08:41:04 Google: Minem call
24 Nov, Fri, 12:31:00 Google: anita roddick in indonesia

My God, how come Google trust my blog to lead someone searching for Anita Roddick to my blo
g hehehehe..
Out of curiosity and narcism
1. I open
2. Type
keyword "Anita Roddick in Indonesia
3. Smile at the result :)
Site found no. 1 & 2: just a thought
Site found no. 3 & 4:


Satya said...

wow, di atas website dia sendiri..

CL said...

hehehe, yoi pace !

Rane said...

Weits, muka baru. Kirain salah blog. Untung ada foto Laras.. hehe Salam ya sama Anita Roddick..