Monday, October 02, 2006

sweet child O'mine

my poor princess
she's been sick since wednesday
now, she's much better
but the flu still linger on .. hopefully it will get better soon

one major progress these past weekdays has been remarkable
She's a grown up now :)
She's no longer pee-peing on her bed at night !
It's been 5 days
what remarkable about it is totally her effort .. no help from the parent.
When I asked what stimulate her from doing this

" I watched this TV sinetron mom. There was this grown up girl who still urinating on her bed at night. And her friends decided to stop the bad habit by putting dragonfly on her belly butoon"

sometimes a pittyful Indonesian TV sinetron could be useful too.

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SW said...

hahaha anak sekarang belajar bukan dari sesame street tapi dari sinetron

cl said...

belajar juga sih
banyak sumber nih sekarang
old school: books
new school
- nickolodeon
- sinetron
- CD interaktif
- lagu2 (pop and dangdut)

not yet nih.. google university