Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Laras goes to work

starting today, Laras will spend her whole day in the office.

It all started out on October 3, 06

my cellphone ring

mom: is Laras with you?
me: of course not, I'm at work, she's at home

mom: Pak Ogi (the driver) says the house is empty, nobody's inside.
I had to leave your present on your neighbour's

me: ????

call to my neighbour
me : sorry to bother you, do you know where laras is?
She: gee, she usually hang out here with her nanny.. okay, will try to look her out

me : thanks a lot !

three minutes later .. an sms on my cell

the neighbour: Laras is left behind at xxx' house (other neighbour), the nanny is going away to PAL.

am reading the sms with a furius mode

then af
ter having approval from my management (thanks Boss !), I went straight to my home, checking out my love one.

Thank God, She's already home,
with that stupid, lazy, feckless housemaid

in a barely neat and dusty house (what the hell is she doing the whole morning???)

how could she done that
you know what is her answer when I asked why she had to leave Laras
"Had to buy myself a new blouse"


My God,
Like I'm the most ruthless person on earth (hehehehe)
rarely I complaint with her very dissatisfactory work
barely I showed my anger, when she used my housephone and causing the bill two times higher than regular use.
Should she asked, i will for sure grant her my permission
of course when I'm already home with my sweetheart

I usually not at home on saturday and sunday afterall, why on earth she doesn't use those sparetimes???

I have lost my patience
she's no longer needed .. It's her choice
I am not sorry at all
when I hear report from the neighbour, that she oftenly leaves my daughter alone.

Gee, two weeks from now, my office will have to face a new kid on the block :)

Thanks friends for all the help and sympathy !

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