Monday, October 09, 2006

wonderful weekend

Yes, it's quite wonderful, despite the fact that I don't have housemaid yet to clean up all the house mess and one rejection answer from housemaid candidate towards my proposal.

why was it so wonderful?
  1. Nice family gathering on saturday, got presents from tante Era and tante Ani
  2. Alonso beat up Schumacher (it's 126 against 116 now, and only one race @ interlagos brazil left)
  3. the laundry (a mountain high of it) were all taken care of by ms. Parti (housemaid freelancer) for as cheap as 20thousand rups.
  4. the cooking result was not so bad after all, Gado2 and Tempe goreng are all nicely accepted by Laras and Adi
Thank God :)

my next wish lists
  1. Bless the family with an honest, diligent and caring housemaid (especially for Laras)
  2. Hope upcoming Laras Birthday would be a remarkable event for her

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