Friday, September 07, 2007

one month pro extention ... one year dong :)

A Message from Flickr HQ

Hi mail2lila,

We’re writing to you because we want to say hi! And welcome! Thanks for coming over from Yahoo! Photos.

When you moved your photos to Flickr, you got a free 3-month trial of our premium account, Flickr pro. Since we really want you to settle in here, we want you to have another month of pro on us!

That means your free trial is set to end on 18th October, 2007. That’s 43 days from the date of this email.

After that date, you’ll need to pay $24.95 to maintain your pro account. Otherwise, you’ll just flip back to a free account, which is subject to a few limits, the main one being that we only show your most recent 200 photos. Photos beyond that limit will not be deleted, and will be waiting for you should you choose to upgrade (you could also download them).

You can learn more about the free account limits here:


1 comment:

Satya said...

hore ditambah sebulan lagi. baek sekali ama CL. mengharapkan sebulan lagi udah mau jadi pro sendiri :p