Monday, April 24, 2006

When U're feeling Blue

Pas lagi ga mood banget, browsing from one blog to another.
got interesting URLs from Enda's on Journalists who are also bloggers
interesting insight on one JP reporter over Anita Roddick and The Body Shop hehehehe

Got an interesting url again from Enda [again .. Thanks Mate :)]
Ten Things to Do When You're Blue

  1. Learn Something New ........ No not really my style, i like to browse new pages on the web though
  2. Talk It Out ... I prefer not too. I even not really good on writing it. Mostly because there is not any problem to talk or write about. I just regularly feel downs and not in the mood of anything.
  3. Move [Exercise. Dance. Run. Walk. Get on a train. Go drive somewhere you've never been. Movement is calming, relaxing, inspiring. Rock-a-bye, baby.] ..... Nope, Not my style
  4. Move Forward ... Hahahhahaha, Not really. I tend to look behind, reminiscing .. the good old days.
  5. Play ... Yup.. this will do. play along with my daughter or myself.
  6. Help Someone ... I dont think so.
  7. Open Your Senses .. . Yes, sometimes music could help me. I have to thank my winamp and nokia radio player and my pirated music collection)
  8. Flirt ... hihihihihihihiihihihihi
  9. Create .... i dont even create in my most good mood hahahahahaha. Create trouble you mean hehehehe
  10. Avoid Vexatious People ... I'm afraid, it is I who became the vexatious (Causing irritation or annoyance) person hahahaha

These are what I do occationaly when in blue:

  1. Reading any junk emails
  2. Browsing to Gadgets websites
  3. hunting new collection of pirated dvds
  4. watch movies
  5. eat a lot :)
  6. Sing out loud in the bathroom
  7. Read fictions

speaking of reading a fiction, I just read Rojak by Fira Basuki on my last 'down' time. Very Good fiction, easy to read, highly recommended. I think I will buy another FB fictions.

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