Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Bday Dad

Hi Dad
How are you today?
Hope you are having a great time and fun up there
I give you my warm hello through Him this morning
did you get it? did He say how much I love and miss you?
Happy Birthday Dad

Gee, I hope heaven is a full connected and wired place
So we could chat all day
So I could catch up all things and feelings I missed to share with you
So that you could read my feelings
So you could finally know that behind all my stupid ignorance, I do love and honor you always.

It's a pitty that you haven't got the chance to meet Laras
Yes, she is your granddaughter
You know Dad, In terms of attitude and behaviour, she is more like Us.
She enjoys very much good movies, good meals and good sleeps hahahaha :)
She only know you as Eyang Kakung, although I know she might confuse it with the other Eyang Kakung.

I love you Dad
I really Do.
I thank you for all the love and understanding.
I thank you for being such a great Dad.
Hope you have a wonderful time up there
and hope to see you again someday .. somehow.
Happy Birthday Dad.


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