Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

the wishes

  • The second child to be delivered in health and perfect condition
  • Maria Larasati to get the best school in town for her kindergarten education
  • that all my love ones are in good health,great happiness and togetherness
  • Hope that my brother will soon to regain his faith in God and Goodness again
  • to double my income ( any side jobs offering please? )
  • Have myself my own laptop

the resolutions
  • More patiently in educating the children
  • more focus in carrying things/ideas into actions
  • more attentive to surrounding (tough job for miss lempeng neh)
  • improve my time management skill
  • upgrading my cooking skill :)
  • improve my writing skill
  • improve my communication and presentation skill (theoretically and in practice)


Merlyna said...

Happy New Year!! and may all of your wishes (listed above) come true!

JaF said...

Selamat ya Lila and hubby... Moga jadi anak yang sehat dan berbakti bagi orang tua dan negara... (dan bisa ngasih hadiah laptop buat mamahnya atau kalau nggak sabaran minta dong ama si hubby.. laptop mah kebeli deh.. hehe) :)