Friday, January 14, 2011

Story/Sotoy teller :D

My son is pretty lucky that he's been introduced with many fairy tales ever since he's still in the womb.

Her big sister Laras was the first person tell him stories, laras own make up stories.

Now every night, he insist her lazy mom to read them stories from his books. He enjoys hearing the same stories over and over again... And at one point he memorize it well and often critize his mom when she tell stories the wrong way.

His most favorite stories are:
Kancil the cucumber thief
3 little pigs and the wolf

Bagas is almost 4 (next couple of days, Jan 16) and still can't read.
But whenever he opens a book, I quietly hear him whisper his own story.

Funny and sotoy little boy.. Love him so

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